InvisibleSHIELD for WP7 Follow-up Review

I previously reviewed the Installation Process of InvisibleSHIELD, but after using it for a month now, I can write a complete review.

As I said in the installation review, applying InvisibleSHIELD is just about as easy/tough as applying any other scratch protection system. InvisibleSHIELD’s system is possibly tougherDSCF4177 to install since you have to spray the protectors with an application solution, which adds an extra step to the equation, but otherwise it’s basically the same. The toughest thing was peeling the protectors off of the non-adhesive sheets of paper they came on; you’ll need to use your fingernails to peel those off!

Once you have the shield applied, some of the very small bubbles will work themselves out over a few days. Anything relatively large won’t. By a “small” bubble, I mean a bubble that is barely a bubble; one that is almost nonexistent. The first thing you will notice about the screen protector is that it looks bumpy. Unfortunately, that’s how it will always look. The texture of the screen protector has that bumpy texture to it, which is visible when you see reflections on the screen. It doesn’t reduce glare at all, it just deforms the reflections slightly. That gives the device a cheap look in my opinion.

Otherwise, the screen protector does a good job of keeping the fingerprints away. And it of course does a good job of keeping the scratches off. You can take a set of keys and scratch away at your phone, and nothing will happen. Therefore, on the protection side of things, InvisibleSHIELD lives up to its promise. However, on deeper scratches, it seems to leave an indented trace of where the keys traveled over the screen protector. That’s not a deal breaker, but once again, that looks a bit cheap when you notice it in the reflections.

In the end, I would recommend buying Wrapsol over InvisibleSHIELD. Both protectors successfully do their job and actually improve the feel of the touchscreen (your finger glides over the screen more easily), but the bumpy texture of InvisibleSHIELD causes the device to look cheap and less classy. Wrapsol retains the slick glossy look of the normal screen, but functions exactly the same in every other way.

InvisibleSHIELD: (Available for the HTC 7 Surround, 7 Trophy, HD7; Samsung Focus, Omnia 7; Dell Venue Pro)

Wrapsol: (Available for the HTC HD7; Samsung Focus, Omnia 7)

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