Investalent – manage both stock and option investments

INVESTALENT arrived at Windows Phone Store last week and already earned a few 5 stars. There are many apps for stocks, but Investalent is the only one that manage both stocks and options, and more. The maker of the app, IntelliRooster, plans to keep the app free until September. Sweet! Link to the app in Windows Phone Store

Stock Portfolios

Each portfolio offers three different views (summary, performance and bar chart) to help investor visualize the different characteristics of his/her stock holdings, such as market value, daily change, cost basis, gain (or loss) and annualized % gain (or loss). For each stock in the portfolio, an investor can record multiple transactions, such as buy, sell, dividend reinvestment and splits. The app also calculates which transactions are long or short term and thus may be subject to different taxation rules upon being sold.

Investor can get detailed information on an individual stock, such as quote, news headlines, detailed news, charts, key statistics, earnings and dividends.

Option Portfolio

The application’s main strength is its option features and no other mobile application today offers anything comparable.
Similar to stocks, the app features a watch list to monitor a call or put option’s current price for different strikes at various expiration dates, as well as a portfolio to manage actual opened contract positions.
When establishing an option position, the app provides guidance, analyses a contract’s potential profits versus risks, and determines the optimum number of contracts.
As an option contract approaches expiration, the option’s time value premium dissipates. The price of the underlying stock may also move in un-anticipated directions. The app looks at all these data points and offers follow-up suggestions to extract additional return, lock in profits or reduce losses.

Foreign Exchange and Commodities

The app provides an investor with the capability to track the exchange rates of most major currencies in the world, make currency conversions, and to monitor the future contract prices of the major commodities

Export, Import and Live Tiles

All the portfolio, watch list and foreign exchange data can be exported as CSV format to SkyDrive or email. Inversely, previous exported data can be imported back into the application. The application’s primary live tile displays a portfolio’s holdings as well as the portfolio’s percentage daily change. The secondary live tile displays the major North American market indices.