Introducing’s latest re-design


14, 2014

Introducing's latest re-design Introducing’s latest redesign.  When we realized our website had the same design as Big Gang Theory’s  we knew it was time for an update. Our new look is fresher, lighter and more airy than our last one, but still offers a much higher density of news, views and opinions than our old design. As is appropriate in this day and age the site is fully responsive and should work as easily on your desktop and tablet as on your phone. The good news that the latest design is also even faster and less data heavy, despite delivering more articles.





The site is live and if you don’t see the new design yet, try to clear your browser cache. Of course in the end its not about the design but the content, and we can assure our readers we will continue to work to keep Windows Phone users constantly up to date on the latest news that is actually relevant to them.

“I found a bug” – let us know!

If you found a bug on the new re-design, or there is a much loved feature that is now missing, let us know in the comment section below or contact us via e-mail.

The team behind the new design:

Surur, Pradeep, Lucas, Mehedi.

What do you think about the latest design?

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