Hey everyone,

It hasn’t been a long while since we released a revamped website and our official Windows Phone app. Today, we’re rolling out (yet) another update for our website, and we’ll share more info on what’s happening with the official WMPoweruser app.

A new logo


Yep, we now have a new, modern logo. Our previous logo was pretty outdated, and we’re finally changing it to a modern one. The new logo is indeed much simpler, and modern than our old one. For those wondering, our new logo should be already live on our social networks. We worked really hard while designing the new logo, and we hope you’ll like it (let us know!).

A faster, and simpler site


The new update for our website doesn’t really focus on a lot of design changes. The layout is mostly the same, and the typography is also pretty same. With the latest update – which was codenamed Shunno (that’s Zero), our main focus was to make the design cleaner and improve it based on our readers’ feedback.

We’ve changed the color scheme of the whole site, and we’ve also added an improved footer. Alongside the improved footer, we’ve also added a new hamburger menu – if you’re on a computer, just resize the browser and you’ll be able to see it in action, but if you’re using a smartphone, you should already be able to open it from the navigation bar. Everything from reviews to the sharing buttons has a new or improved look.

We’ve also added some new layouts for Editorials, Features as well as Reviews, which will focus primarily on the content – just like this article.

Everything from reviews, to the sharing buttons has an improved look

It’s also worth noting that we’ve fully redesigned the dark theme for the site. It’s sexier than ever before – especially on Microsoft Edge. The new design of our site is undoubtedly the cleanest so far. We’ve removed things that our readers didn’t like and improved the overall experience. As I said earlier, there isn’t much change on the website design – but we did, indeed, bring some key changes to the design to make the user experience a lot better.

As the design is pretty same to our old one, we expect that our readers would like it just as much or even more than the old one. Just like Windows Phone and our new logo, we’ve focused on simplicity for the new design. Obviously, there are a lot of things that can look better – and if you’ve any design suggestions, let us know.

Voting for articles


One of the best thing about our website is the community. We’re an independent website, and we publish a lot of opinion articles compared to other news sites. That’s why we’re adding the ability to vote on articles with the latest update.

If you find an article interesting, agree with an article or think that an article should be featured on the front page, you can vote for that article – and if you don’t find an article interesting, or don’t agree with an article or don’t think that article shouldn’t featured on the front page, you can simply downvote that article.

Find an article interesting? Upvote it.

So where and how is the article ranking being used? We’ll be automatically featuring the top articles based on the votes on the homepage’s featured section, and recommend the most voted articles on each article. The feature just doesn’t rank the articles with the most votes, it also takes other things in consideration.

No, the feature doesn’t require you to sign up for an account or anything – you just vote. That’s it. It’s also worth noting that the votes won’t update in real-time, as we’ve added some mechanism to update it every 10 minutes so that the system doesn’t get abused.

This is one of the major features that we’re really happy to introduce with this update. Make sure to try it out today, and let us know what you think of this feature in  the comment section below.

An improved dark theme


With the last update for WMPoweruser, we introduced a major feature: the ability to change the theme of the website. With the latest update, we’re making it  even better. The new dark theme of our website looks sexier, and it’s faster. We’ve scrapped our old dark theme, and redeveloped the new dark theme for this update.

Sexier. Faster. Darker.

To change the theme of the site, just head over to Settings page by clicking here. So what’s new? As I said, it’s a whole new color scheme. We’ve mainly focused on improving the performance, however. With the latest update, the dark theme is much, much faster.



Alongside the above features, the latest update includes a ton of minor changes. Here are just a few things:

With the latest update, you’ll now be able to hide articles from our sister sites, Microsoft-News and Gdgt Arena. For those wondering, Microsoft-News and Gdgt Arena are owned by our parent site, Mobile First Network. Microsoft-News focuses on delivering the latest Windows 10, Microsoft, Office 365, Xbox and everything Microsoft while Gdgt Arena focuses on Wearables, Home Automation, Virtual Reality, and the Internet of Things.

We’re not done there. With the latest update, we’re adding a new feature which we call Regional Preferences. With this feature, you’ll be able to hide articles related to a specific region – such as North America or Asia. By default, we’ll be showing all the articles – however, if you don’t want to read articles related to Asia, you’ll be able to easily hide them.

Don’t like articles from Microsoft News? You can now hide ’em!

For example, if you’re from the USA and don’t want to hear about Windows Phone sales figures in UK, you can easily hide those articles – just head over to Settings page by clicking here and you’ll be able to configure the regional preferences there. Another tiny customization feature that we added is the ability to hide Recommended Articles on articles, so if you don’t like recommended articles, you can easily disable them. If you want to make all these customizations, head over to the Settings page!

We’ve also added a feature called App Box. With the latest update, you’ll now start seeing a box which includes the review, price, developer name of an app on our articles related to any apps. This will allow you to get more info about an app without having to click a link to get more info about it from the Store. This is not really a major feature, but I think it’ll be really useful.

As usual, the latest update includes a lot of backend improvements. It’s worth mentioning that the site is a bit faster as well, especially for 2G networks.



This is probably the biggest update to WMPoweruser so far. We’ve allowed a few of our readers test it, and we’ve fixed most of the known bugs – but that doesn’t mean that there are no bugs on the latest update. If you’ve noticed any bugs, or want to send us feedback, you can do so by heading over to this pageemailing me at [email protected] or tweeting me @mehedih_. We really appreciate your feedback, and we’ll try our best to fix bugs and improve the site with your bug reports and feedback to improve the site’s quality for everyone else.