Introducing Skinery Tiles (the FIRST custom tile that launches third party apps!)


14, 2013

Author yuming // in Apps

If you have a WP8 and you are frustrated with that all the tiles app out there can only pin lame apps like Wi-Fi settings, then you will be delighted to hear this! Skinery Tiles is the FIRST and one and only tile app (just released) that lets you pin third-party apps! Yes you are not reading wrongly, the feature everyone has always wanted is finally here! Pin apps that you actually want on your start screen like WhatsApp, Facebook, Fancy and more! Check the images below to see what you can accomplish with Skinery Tiles.

There is no need to unlock your phone or do anything, just download Skinery Tiles from the Store (note, as the update is just released, it might not be visible in your Store yet)

Skinery | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

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