Introducing Rush24

rush24Hi everyone, my name is “Rush24” and I’ve been granted the honor to be a part of Wmpoweruser’s editorial team. Why use a pseudonym? Well, I have been using it in all my previous posts and comments so I’m somewhat attached to it and I also like remaining anonymous. I hope the readers will not hold that against me.

Growing up I was always fascinated by not only by how things worked but also why they did in a certain way as opposed to another way. This has carried on with me  into adulthood and I always find myself looking at almost everything through the prism of technology however crude or advanced it may be.

If a reader goes through my posts and comments, they will easily conclude that I favor Microsoft products. I do. I like the company’s offerings but I’m always frustrated by their lack of focus and execution of strategy. My writings also try to counter what seems to be an attitude of bashing everything MS does by most tech bloggers and praise everything Apple or Android. Call it being a fan boy but don’t forget I’ve praised Apple repeatedly on their pinpoint focus and strategy in the iPhone/iPad/iTunes ecosystem.

When it comes  to product reviews, I will concentrate on who the product is being  marketed to and not necessarily what I want it to be. I understand that I’m a tech enthusiast so my preferences usually fall in the minority. Being a forever optimist, I look at what can be improved rather than a “its a failure don’t even try” mentality.

I’m currently rocking  a Cingular 8125 with Winmo 6.0 that is way past its time but I will coddle it until WP7 launches in the fall.

I am very excited to be here and I look forward to interacting with you our readers and writing articles that invoke thought and possibilities.

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