Introducing Password Jinni – The Most Flexible And Polished Password Manager.

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Don’t you feel a bit overwhelmed to remember a myriad of passwords, PINs, logins, bank accounts and all that private data? Hope you are not using your birth date as password everywhere! Password Jinni is here to help organize your private data and remember just ONE password.

In Password Jinni you can preserve passwords, bank account, credit card and passport numbers, membership data, work credentials, private contacts, web logins and everything else. All remain secure on your phone, always close at hand.

To ensure your data is securely stored and prevent any future data loss, Password Jinni features a unique backup system with automated local backups and user SkyDrive backup. You can save and restore from any of your previously created backup files.

Password Jinni will impress you with ease of use , smooth operation and endless flexibility. It entirely utilizes the Metro design paradigm and promotes dark and light themes, landscape orientation and fast application switching (with time-out lock).


Features include:

Fast and Secure:

    • Military-strong 256 bit-AES encryption. Not just your passwords, but all data is encrypted in proprietary binary format. No one can read it outside the application.
    • Unbeatable performance. Can handle thousands of records in a second.
    • Robust passwords with an integrated password generator.
    • Password strength estimate bar to ensure your manually typed passwords are good enough.
    • Mask password fields to hide them from view.
    • Mango support of fast applications switching. Timeout lock when navigate away for additional security.

SkyDrive Backup:

    • Unique backup system with local automatic backup and SkyDrive backup to ensure your data will be safely preserved.


    • Fully customizable entries for username, password, pin, email, website, phone, address, date or your own text custom fields.
    • Predefined templates to speed up creating new records. Save custom templates for your particular needs.
    • Easy categories. No limit of categories associated to a record
    • Password expiration management. Notification for expired records, easy filter expired records for review. Fast setting of standard expire periods.

Find what you need.:

    • Quickly access any record marked as favourite.
    • Powerful search – Search inside a category, search by first letter or search by all record fields.
    • View all records associated to category in just two clicks.

Easy to use:

    • Quick copy your credentials directly in Internet Explorer or other apps.
    • Launch phone calls, emails, websites, or address maps straight from the app.
    • Familiar classic Metro interface. Enjoy dark and light themes.
    • Full landscape support.


    • Use Password Jinni in your own language. It supports English, German, French and Swedish. You don’t have to set up anything. The language will be automatically chosen based on the regional settings of your device.

Try before buy:

  • With a generous 30-days trial period, you can ensure with quality in confidence. No functionality limitation, except backing up data.