Introducing NewsSpot, a Google Reader client

Sync your articles as quick as a wink, store text and images for offline reading and search your articles in a gorgeous metro style way.

This is NewsSpot, a full-featured Google Reader client for Windows Phone: Its advanced sync-engine delivers a two-way sync for your unread and starred articles, which only syncs what needs to be synced. Already stored hundreds of starred articles? NewsSpot will download them once and never again. It caches articles as well as images for later offline reading.

Ever wanted to search your starred articles? Ever been interested in a specific topic of your reading-list? No problem with NewsSpot. Just tap the search button and enter your keywords, it will instantly filter your current list to what you’ve searched.

Together with Windows Phone Mango, NewsSpot now offers live tiles and toast notifications. For example, you can pin secondary live tiles to your start screen showing the count of your folders. Of course, live tiles can be updated per background task.

Other features include:

  • Bookmark your article in Instapaper or ReadItLater or send a link per Email
  • Mango only: share your article via Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live etc.
  • Mango only: benefit from compressed web communication and save up to 80% of your data plan
  • Open YouTube or Marketplace links from within the application
  • Read articles in full or mobilized view, supported by Google or Instapaper

There is an add-supported version which has all features with the sole restriction that it lets you sync at a max 200 unread and 50 starred articles. The full version costs 1,99$ and supports up to 1000 unread or starred.

For suggestions, bug reports or other feedback, please feel free to contact us:

Twitter: @FourSpotProject

You can find a short introductory video after the break.

NewsSpot Introduction Video.mp4