Introducing the

MSPoweruser Podcast

Back in February, we launched MSPoweruser to deliver the latest news in the world of Microsoft and Windows 10. Over the past few months, MSPU has grown rapidly and our community of passionate Windows Phone fans has continued to grow. Today, we are excited the MSPoweruser Podcast, hosted by Vernon E. L. Smith, and Andrew Bennett.

With the new MSPU Podcast, our goal is to provide meaningful positive insight for Microsoft enthusiasts and power users. We’ll give you a closer look at all the latest Microsoft news, ranging from Windows 10 news, to the latest Xbox games in the podcast. You will also get a lot of tips from the podcast, which will help enthusiasts like you to to get the most out of your Microsoft devices and services.

You can watch the pilot episode below, where Andrew and Vernon talk a bit about themselves and their interests. Episode 1 of the MSPU Podcast is also live, where they talk about some of the latest news about Microsoft which you can listen to here.

You can subscribe to the MSPoweruser Podcast below:

The MSPoweruser Podcast will be available every Friday, and you will be able to stream it on your Windows 10 device using apps such as Groover Pro or Pocket Casts for Windows Phone — so make sure to subscribe to the podcast via RSS, iTunes, Pocket Casts, Google Play Music or SoundCloud if  you haven’t already!

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