Introducing Force Recorder

Screen 1 Screen 2

Force Recorder is a new Windows Phone 7 application that allows users to record acceleration, speed, and altitude data from their phone’s sensors. This data is recorded to the phone and can be exported via Email in CSV format to allow a user to analyze the data at a later date. Possible uses include recording vehicle performance, roller coaster g-forces, and to help application developers develop their own accelerometer applications.

During recording, Force Recorder has 2 main views. The first is the realtime data shown on screen with values and a visual meter. The second view shows the minimum, maximum, and average values for each data point.

After recording, a user can save the recorded data or discard it. If they chose to save it, they may also export it by sending an email with the data in the body.

The application is available for download from the Windows Phone Marketplace for $1.29. A free trial is also available the disables the save and export functionality.


Support for Force Recorder is available through the website