Windows Lite is Microsoft’s attempt to modernise Windows for low maintenance devices, creating an operating system which is fast and easy to update without requiring much thought or input by the end user.

For Microsoft, creating such an operating system is essential to helping compete against the ChromeOS – Google’s increasingly prevalent laptop operating system.

Now, according to a recent tweet by Verge editor Tom Warren, it appears that this long rumoured project will not be seeing public preview any time soon.

The tweet notes that Microsoft won’t be talking about Windows Lite or Windows Core OS- Microsoft’s other much-delayed modernisation project, at the upcoming Build conference.

Part of the probable delay may be due to Microsoft vaulting their browser to a new Chromium-based rendering engine.  We have also heard recently that Microsoft cancelled their Sets initiative; an operating system paradigm which was believed to have been an integral part of how Windows Lite would work.  It is therefore not clear when or even if Windows Lite is still on the cards.

Though, as an initiative aimed primarily at schools and frontline workers, it is likely not something consumers should be expending much thought on.

Given the news, do our readers believe Windows Lite will be delayed?

Via Windowsunited