Interview With Atari Documentary Producer Jonathan Chinn

We have been extensively covering the progress of the Atari documentary over the last few months.  Recently the documentary team successfully uncovered the buried E.T. game cartridges. The Xbox Wire staff interviewed the executive producer of the documentary Johathan Chinn on his recent success.

Xbox Wire: How did all this come about – the documentary, and the logistics of arranging the dig?

Jonathan Chinn: As soon as we signed on to make the film, we had to get in touch with the city of Alamogordo and the state of New Mexico, and specifically [local garbage contractor] Joe Lewandowski — who is the guy who led us to this particular spot in this rather large landfill. I’d say it’s taken about six or seven months from the time we signed on, to get to this point.

Xbox Wire: Just milling around and talking to people today, it sounds like Joe Lewandowski had records from journalists, of the actual dumping happening? Jonathan Chinn: Yeah, Joe is an interesting guy. He had various records and newspaper articles and Polaroids that his wife had taken, and sort of did a whole “CSI” thing on them to pinpoint exactly where the Atari stuff was.

Xbox Wire: Let’s talk about what you found today. What did you find to be the most interesting thing about this?

Jonathan Chinn: I think the amount of people that came definitely surpassed my expectations. I wasn’t expecting quite that many people. I thought there would be a handful of interested people. So, that’s great. In terms of what we found, I would say it really did surpass our expectations. Some of the games are in really good condition.

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