Internet Explorer Continues To Grow Its Marketshare Against Google Chrome And Others



IE October Marketshare

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is continuing its trend to gain market share against Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others. According to the latest data from Net Applications, Internet Explorer now holds 58.22% of the worldwide browser market share.

From September to October, Internet Explorer gained 0.42% (from 57.80% to 58.22%), Mozilla Firefox gained 0.10% (from 18.60% to 18.70%), and Google Chrome lost 0.54% (from 15.96% to 15.42 %). While IE’s 58.22% is this year’s high, Google Chrome has hit a 27-month low of  15.42%.

With the release of Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer 11 gained 1.49% of the market share on its first month.

Source: NetApplications via: TNW

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