Internet Explorer Continues To Gain Browser Market Share, Now Holds 58.21% Of The Market

Net Applications Browser Marketshare Jan

According to latest data from NetApplications, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser continues to gain market share worldwide. In January, Internet Explorer gained 0.30% up from 57.91 percent to 58.21 percent. Internet Explorer 11 has also passed Internet Explorer 10 to become the second most used IE version. Internet Explorer 8, which is the default browser in Windows 7 now holds about 21.25% of market share.

Starting with IE9, Internet Explorer team at Microsoft is delivering solid releases with significant improvements in speed, reliability and more which has resulted in improved customer usage. I expect IE to gain more market share in the coming weeks. Google Chrome had over 16% and Firefox over 18% web browser market share in January.

via: TNW