Internet Explorer Announces Partnership With, Now Optimized For IE On Xbox 360


1, 2013

DailyBurn + Internet Explorer on Xbox!

Microsoft Internet Explorer team today announced their partnership with DailyBurn allows users to sync their workouts, interact with personal trainers or track their nutrition goals across devices, all on the web. We’ve come to calling cross-device experiences, like our partnership with Daily Burn, the companion web. is now optimized for browser on your phone, tablet and IE for Xbox 360.

They also announced couple of offers,

· Starting today, May 1, all Xbox LIVE users will have one-month’s access to the IE for Xbox 360 app surf, explore and experience the web with sites like DailyBurn.

· Also starting today, DailyBurn is offering all users two months free access to all online workouts and nutritional advice and programs via IE on your Xbox 360 or PC.

Working with the DailyBurn team has brought Xbox fitness enthusiasts a new, exciting way to experience their workouts through IE and DailyBurn’s Get Fit for Summer Program.

“The Internet Explorer team understood our mission to bring a convenient and new experience online that allows our DailyBurn subscribers to achieve their fitness goals in an easy and convenient manner using the gadgets they love,” said Andy Smith, CEO, “The IE team’s initiative to move the web forward and partner with us to bring this experience to Xbox provides our fitness fans with just another option to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle.”

Source: Windows Team Blog

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