Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview Announced


12, 2011

Microsoft today at MIX’11 announced the Internet Explorer 10 platform preview build. Microsoft is continuing its release schedule of IE9 with more developer previews coming in months ahead. IE10 builds on IE9 with support for even more standards like CSS3 gradients, multi-column, and grid layouts. In this video above Rob Mauceri walks us through some of the new features of IE10 including an example of flowing of content in multi-column layouts. Microsoft showed a new site called paint ball which demonstrates the performance power of IE.  Here is the description,

Thanks for checking out this Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview demo. This demo uses animation techniques to paint the message “IE 10 (hearts) MIX” on a wall by shooting paintballs. The more powerful the underlying computer and the browser, the faster and smoother the paintballs will fire. This demo uses HTML5 Canvas and HTML5 Audio. It’s a fun way to demonstrate how Internet Explorer 10’s overall performance, from hardware accelerated graphics,  to compiled javascript, to hardware accelerated canvas, will enable a new generation of HTML5 applications. The purpose of these demos is to convey a concept and is not intended to be used as a best practice for web development. To start the test please press the (Enter) key a few seconds after the page loads. Enjoy!

Just when you were expecting to hear more about IE9 on this opening day of Mix ’11, and today we’ll be talking about the IE10 Platform Preview.

Be sure to check the links at and for more examples of standards-based web technologies that deliver on the promise of standards.

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