Interesting: Windows Phone sales close to overtaking iPhone in Germany




imageThe latest Kantar numbers is serving as a wake-up call of sorts to many who would normally have dismissed Windows Phone, and even to those who watch the numbers closely it had a few surprises.

One of those interesting nuggets is that it seems Windows Phone is close to overtaking the iPhone in one of Europe’s biggest and strongest markets, Germany.

The latest numbers for the 3 months ending July shows iOS having 11.2% market share, while Windows Phone had 8.8%.

Looking back at the last year, it is clear that the iPhone’s market share is pretty cyclical, with big bumps around the release date of the new iPhone, and of course in the fall of 2012 Windows Phone itself had the whole Windows Phone 7/Windows Phone 8 upgrade issue.

What is also clear however that there is at least two more reporting months, August and September, to come before the new iPhone is released,  and that iPhone sales will probably decline further over that period, suggesting in a month or two we may very well hear that Windows Phone has become the second biggest selling smartphone OS in Germany also.

See the table with all the numbers after the break.

Windows Phone5.44.6742.

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