Interesting Patents From Microsoft #4


The real-time updating of segments of users defined by applying a function to at least one user attribute. In response to an event, the segment may be updated in real-time to either or both of removing the user from a segment, or adding a user to a segment. In one embodiment, user profile groups are populated by performing combinatory operations upon multiple segments. In that case, any profile group that depends on the updated segment may also be updated. Thus, operations that rely upon segment and/or profile group membership need not wait until the next calculation of the segment and profile group membership before correctly reflecting the newly discovered user attributes.

Peek Around User Interface

An operating system shell has an underlying desktop object that is rendered according to different views. The operating system shell renders on a display screen a desktop graphical user interface with windows, tools, icons, etc. that are within a segment of the desktop object that can be observed (i.e., rendered) from one of the views. In illustrated implementations, the desktop object is of an extent that is greater than can be rendered from a single view. Allowing a user to select or access different views of the desktop object effectively provides an extended desktop that overcomes the fixed and limited display capabilities of conventional operating system shells.


Sharing calendar information may be provided. Calendar information may be shared with individuals that may or may not be associated with a local exchange server in order to coordinate schedules. A determination is conducted to decide whether a sender is authorized to send calendar information to another by examining registration rights. Next, if the registration rights are valid, input may be received from the sender associated with sending the calendar information to another using one or more entry points. Next, calendar information settings are received from the sender, which are used when sending the calendar information to another. Next, calendar information is published to the Internet based on the calendar information settings established by the sender, and provided to others for viewing.


A method described herein includes acts of receiving data from a social networking application, wherein the data is generated by a first individual, and executing an entity extraction algorithm to extract at least one entity from the received data. The method also includes automatically causing a hyperlink to be displayed on a computing device utilized by a second individual, wherein the hyperlink is based at least in part upon the at least one entity, wherein the hyperlink is configured to direct the first individual to a search engine and is further configured to cause the search engine to execute a search that pertains to the at least one entity.


Systems and method for providing a game achievements system where players are rewarded with game achievements based on mastering certain in-game facets of the games they play. Each game achievement may be conveyed in a profile as a badge or trophy, title, description, date, etc. Players may also accumulate points based on game achievements. A display interface may be made available such that a player may see his achievements and total points, as well as those of others.


A universal smart interface and peripheral management system for portable devices such as mobile phones. The smart system includes a connector interface that connects peripherals to a phone and/or personal digital assistant (PDA), through the smart system. The smart system includes a cradle for receiving a cell phone and interfacing the phone to external systems such as peripherals, networks and other systems through a USB hub and other suitable connector interfaces. The peripheral devices to which the smart system can interface include, but are not limited to, large displays (e.g., television), external monitors, input devices such as mice and keyboards, external storage devices, and networks (wired and/or wireless). The smart system also facilitates connectivity to large display systems such as TVs, computer displays and monitors.

Rolling Camera System

A 3D imaging system comprising: first and second rolling shutter photosurfaces having pixels; a first shutter operable to gate on and off the first photosurface; a light source controllable to transmit a train of light pulses to illuminate a scene; a controller that controls the first shutter to gate the first photosurface on and off responsive to transmission times of the light pulses and opens and closes bands of pixels in the photosurfaces to register light reflected from the light pulses by the scene that reach the 3D imaging system during periods when the first photosurface is gated on; and a processor that determines distances to the scene responsive to amounts of light registered by pixels in the photosurfaces.

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