Interesting Notification Centre concept for Windows Phone

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Windows Phone user Jrtorrents has created an interesting concept for a notification centre for the OS.

He notes that while many feels Live Tiles are notification enough, others feel the OS lacks a centralized notification system as found in iOS and android.

While I think we have seen enough of Windows Phone 8 to know it will not have any notification centre, it has not stopped Jrtorrents from detailing his own concept.

Notification Tile will act as a notification center where all your notifications will be pulled in.

Just like a normal tile it will rotate to how more notifications (as shown in the above gif); when double tapped as it is when launching an app , it expands showing more a more detailed notification centre.

The idea is elegant without breaking the tile-based paradigm.

What do our readers think of the idea? Let us know below.

Via The Verge Forums