Interesting Microsoft Patents: Logocons, A New Form Of Advertising, 3D Vision On A Chip & More

Read some of the interesting recent patent applications from Microsoft that became public.

3D vision on a chip:

A 3D camera for determining distances to regions in a scene comprising: a photosurface having a plurality of pixels each of which comprises a circuit having a light sensitive element that provides a current responsive to light incident thereon, wherein the circuit comprises, at least one amplifier inside the pixel, having an input and an output; at least one feedback capacitor separate from the light sensitive element and connected between the input and output of each of the at least one amplifier; at least one controllable connection through which current flows from the light sensitive element into the input of the at least one amplifier; a light source; and, a controller that, controls the light source to illuminate the scene with light, opens and closes the at least one controllable connection to gate or modulate current from the light sensitive element of a pixel in the photosurface responsive to the time dependence of the gating or modulation of the light, controls the at least one controllable connection to provide a current for correcting biases caused by at least one of background light or dark current, and determines a distance to a region imaged on the pixel responsive to an amount of charge integrated on the feedback capacitor responsive to the gated or modulated current and the corrected biases.

Logocons: AD product for brand advertisers :

Logocons provide a new online advertising product for brand advertisers. During a computing session especially with consumer-generated content, brand names may be replaced or supplemented with logocons in web pages, files, documents, or other online writings as a form of branding. Written information in the computing session is sent to a parsing or searching engine that searches for particular text corresponding to the brand name. The text is replaced or supplemented with a logocon. A user then views the enhanced information containing the logocon but has the option of prohibiting the logocon from appearing in the information.

Automated secure pairing for wireless devices

Systems, methods, and/or techniques (“tools”) are described herein that relate to automated secure pairing for devices, and that relate to parallel downloads of content using devices. The tools for pairing the devices may perform authentication protocols that are based on addresses and on keys. The address-based authentication protocol may operate on address book entries maintained by the devices. The key-based authentication protocol may operate using a key exchange between the devices.

Dynamic map rendering as a function of a user parameter

Provided is a single repository for capturing, connecting, sharing, and visualizing information based on a geographic location, for example. Detailed information can be dynamically rendered as a function of a user parameter, which can include a user demographic, a user profile, and a user preference information. Map information and advertisements displayed in conjunction with the map information can be dynamically rendered as a function of a user advertising preference. If a user prefers one product over another product, a first advertisement for the less preferred product can be replaced with a second advertisement for the preferred product

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