Interesting Microsoft Patent Filings: Location Based App Promotion, Cloning Windows On A Wireless Display And More

Read some of the interesting recent patent applications from Microsoft that became public.


Apparatus and methods are disclosed for selecting one or more mobile device applications using context data describing the current environment of a mobile device and application metadata describing environment conditions where applications are more likely to be relevant, in order to improve the experience of discovering, downloading, and installing mobile device applications. According to one embodiment, a method comprises associating metadata with mobile device applications automatically receiving context data representing a current geographical location from a mobile phone, searching the metadata to determine which applications are likely of interest based on the current geographical location, and transmitting notification data to the mobile phone indicating the determined applications.

Projection of Images onto Tangible User Interfaces

The techniques described herein provide a surface computing device that includes a surface layer configured to be in a transparent state and a diffuse state. In the diffuse state, an image can be projected onto the surface. In the transparent state, an image can be projected through the surface.


Techniques are provided for cloning specific windows of a computer desktop to a wireless display surface. The user console session of a source computer and a destination computer establish a wireless communications channel. The user console session determines a specific window or windows to share with the destination computer, such that the destination computer will display the window(s) on a wireless display. The user console session extracts these window(s) and encodes them with a remote presentation protocol, then transmits the encoded window to the destination computer, such that the encoded windows are not transferred through a second user session of the source computer before being transferred to the destination computer. Upon receiving the encoded window, the destination computer decodes the encoded windows and displays them on the wireless display.

Cloning Or Extending A Computer Desktop On A Wireless Display Surface

Techniques are provided for cloning a computer desktop to a wireless display surface. A source computer and a display in communication with a destination computer establish a wireless connection. A user console session of the source computer has a virtual display driver that corresponds to the wireless display. An application of the console session instructs the virtual display driver to render graphics to a display surface. The source computer takes this graphical information that, when executed on a processor generate an image, text, sound or input–encodes it with a remote presentation protocol. Through encoding and decoding image data, text, sound, and input of the user console session transmitted to a wireless display with a remote presentation protocol, fidelity and interactivity are improved.

Content gestures are described. In implementations, one or more controls are output to control output of content and for display in a user interface by a computing device. An input is recognized, by the computing device, which was detected using a camera as a gesture to interact with a particular one of the controls to control the output of the content.

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