Interesting: Huawei has sold more than 1 million Ascend W1 handsets

We don’t normally credit Huawei as a significant Windows Phone player, but it seems the Chinese low-cost handset maker may be having some influence on the small Windows Phone market.

Speaking to Pocket-lint, Kevin Ho, president of Huawei’s handset product line, confirmed the company sold more than 1 million of their Ascend W1 Windows Phones in USA and Europe.

The low-cost smartphone was released in January, and hit Europe around March this year.

Despite the achievement however he did note selling Windows Phones was not easy.

"Compared to Android, Windows Phone is difficult to sell. Most people like Android, they are familiar with Android, but they need time to accept Windows Phone and make it familiar."

If Huawei doubles or trebles the numbers they may start taking market share from Nokia, but Ho said the company had no such intentions.

"We do not want to fight with Nokia. We want to work together with Nokia and Microsoft to build a better Windows Phone platform," Ho said.

Huawei has just announced the Ascend W2, which disappointingly had similar low-end specs to the W1, but given the relative success the company had with their approach  their response was somewhat understandable.

Do our readers think we have been underrating the company and their potential impact? Let us know below.

Thanks Arun for the tip.