Interesting example of what Windows Phone has to deal with

Windows Phone faces quite an uphill battle at various levels ranging from developers to retailers and it seems even the family of prospective users.

This post showed up on a sporting forum and seems to be a pretty good example of what prospective Windows Phone users face when browsing the shelves at AT&T and Verizon:

My son has been using my old Blackberry for a while but it died yesterday.  I sent him off to the Verizon store to get a new phone, thinking he’d come home with either an Android or an iPhone.

Nope.  He shows up with a Nokia Windows phone.  Windows phone?  Really?  I didn’t even know there were Windows phones.
I’m about to send him back and make him get either the Android or the iPhone but, before I pay the restocking fee, are these phones any good?  My concern is lack of app support and reliability.  
Androids and iPhones are both amazing devices…is Windows just as good?

While there is clearly a fear of the unknown and a lack of information about Windows Phone with the older generation, the good news is that the OS and the phones running it is certainly peaking the interest of the younger generation, at least in this case.

The poster got some good positive feedback from two Windows Phone users, consistent with studies that showed the OS has a high promotion rate by current users.

Do our readers think Microsoft needs to increase their marketing to overcome this resistance? Let us know below.

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