Interest in Windows Phone 7 application development nearly triple in last 3 months


31, 2010

MobileDeveloperSurvey_graph5_March2010 wp7hellowworld

AppAcelerator has released the results of their developer poll, and notes that interest in developing on the Windows Phone platform nearly tripled between January and March 2010.

The number went from a very low 13% to a much more respectable 34%.  That still however leaves Windows Phone 7 in 5th place, but well ahead of Palm and Symbian, with iPhone leading at 87%, Android at 81%, iPad at 80%, and Blackberry at 43%, and leaves Microsoft with still a lot of work to do to entice developers to their platform.

AppAcelerator makes cross platform development tools for desktop and mobile OS’s.

Read more at about the survey at ComputerWorld here and see the full poll result at AppAcelerator here.

What should Microsoft do to move from close to last place to first place in developer interest?  Let us know below.

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