InterDigital Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against Nokia, Huawei And ZTE


After the sale of Nortel’s patents, InterDigital became talk of the town. The company holds thousands of patents related to wireless technologies and looking for some buyers. Today InterDigital filed a complaint against Nokia, Huawei, ZTE on patent infringements to ITC in USA. Hope Nokia sort this matter out soon ! ! On the other side everyone around the Internet is reporting that Google will be keen on acquiring InterDigital after losing Nortel’s patents just to protect and defend Android. Since the announcement that InterDigital is looking for buyers, its stocks skyrocketed over 50 % in past week alone.


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With the recent patent litigations, IP has become an important factor in assessing a platform. While Apple suing Samsung, HTC, etc over patent violations, Microsoft is licensing its IP to many companies. An IP War has started in the technology started, lets see how that plays out.

FYI, Microsoft was today awarded with some important patents related to our everyday computing.

United States Patent 7,987,459

Awarded on: July 26, 2011 Filed on: March 16, 2005

Application programming interface for identifying, downloading and installing applicable software updates


An application programming interface (API) provides a set of functions for application developers to build software programs that automatically detect, download, and install desired software updates.

United States Patent 7,987,365

Subscription-based computing implemented in hardware of computing device


A subscription-based computing device has hardware and a subscription enforcer implemented in the hardware. The enforcer has an accumulator that accumulates a usage value as the computing device is being used and an expiration value register that stores an expiration value. The enforcer allows the computing device to operate in a subscription mode without hindrance and with full use when the usage value is less than the stored expiration value, and allows the computing device to operate in an expiration mode with hindrance and without full use when the usage value reaches the stored expiration value to signal that the subscription for the computing device has expired.

United States Patent 7,986,716  

Data transfer during a call without simultaneous data capabilities


Systems and methods for transferring data over a voice channel during a voice communication connection (e.g., a telephone call) using DTMF signals over a single voice communication channel. The arbitrary data can include contact information, graphics, photographs, streaming media, interactive game information, location information, cached web pages, audio clips, etc. Some or all of the standard DTMF signals can be uniquely mapped to groups of bits. For example, the standard DTMF signals for numbers “0” through “7” can be mapped to the corresponding three-bit binary representations of those numbers. The arbitrary data can be placed in a container with meta-data indicating the start and end of the data, the type of the data, the amount of data, error correction/detection information, etc. The receiver can prevent the DTMF signals from being converted to audio signals to spare any human listeners from hearing the DTMF signals.

via: Reuters

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