Intel’s upcoming 802.11ax chipsets will support up to 40 percent faster Wi-Fi


7, 2018

Author Pradeep // in News

IEEE 802.11ac is the latest Wi-Fi standard and most of the consumer electronics with networking capability features its support. IEEE is now working on the next gen WiFi standard named 802.11ax which will offer up to 40 percent faster data transfer speed when compared to the current 801.11ac standard. In addition, the new standard will also increase network efficiency and extend the battery life of client devices.

Intel has now announced that its 802.11ac chipsets will be released in 2018. Intel will expand its home Wi-Fi portfolio with new 802.11ax chipsets for mainstream 2×2 and 4×4 home routers and gateways for cable, xDSL, fiber and consumer retail devices. Intel’s new chipsets will be based on Draft 2.0 of 802.11ax. Intel is also helping OEMs smoothly transition to the new standard.

To help OEMs smoothly transition to the new standard, designs based on Intel’s 802.11ac infrastructure chipset — the Intel® Home Wi-Fi Chipset WAV500 Series — can upgrade to 802.11ax with no change to the host SoC. In addition, Intel’s new 802.11ax home Wi-Fi chipsets will offer backward compatibility with older Wi-Fi technologies to support a breadth of client devices.

Apart from Intel, several other WiFi chipset vendors are expected to announce 802.11ax based chipsets at CES next week.

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