Intel’s Skylake processors will let you wake your Windows 10 PC from standby with Cortana

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At its Developer Forum in San Fransisco yesterday, Intel showed off some of the new features of its Skylake processors. One of the major features of the new Skylake processors is the ability to wake your Windows 10 PC from standby. The processors include Intel’s Smart Sound technology, which will allow you to shout “Cortana, wake up” or “Hey Cortana” at your Windows 10 PC and the PC will turn on from standby.

A video of the company demoing the featured at IDF was released yesterday, take a look:

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It’s worth noting that the company stated the feature was also available on its Core M chips, however, with Windows 10, the company can take advantage of this cool feature. Nonetheless, if you’re planning to buy one of the Intel’s latest and greatest Skylake processors, what do you think of this feature? Discuss in the comment section below.

Thanks for the tip, Mohammad.

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