Intel’s first powerful ARM chips expected by the end of the year


4, 2017

Author Surur // in News, Slider

Last year Intel announced a partnership with ARM to use their processor manufacturing expertise to accelerate the development of ARM chipsets.

Now at ARM Tech Con 2017, Intel announced the first fruits of this collaboration may be ready to hit the market as soon as the end of the year.

Their new 10 nm 3.5 GHz processor will feature 100 million transistors (twice the density of Samsung’s comparable processor) while still only consuming 0.25 mW/Mhz.

Intel is also working on a 22 nm FinFET ARM chip which they say consumes 30% less battery life than comparable 28 nm devices.

Intel will not selling these chips themselves, but rather manufacturing them for other OEMs. Intel has been courting Apple, in particular, to steal the business away from rival Qualcomm.


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