Intel’s Core M could end up in phablets – hello Surface phone




When we recently posted a rumour about the Surface phone many readers complained that they would not want such as underpowered processor as the Atom X3 Sofia in their premium device, despite this being the only X86 processor Windows Mobile supported.

It seems that particular vista may be opening up however, with Intel VP  Kirk Skaugen saying at IFA 2015 in Berlin that their new range of 6th generation Core M Processors may end up in phablets soon.

Fudzilla notes that the  Core m3 6Y30 running at up to 2.2 GHz as well as the high end Core m7 6Y75 running at up to 3.1GHz still remained cool with 4.5W TDP dissipation, and that both may therefore work in phablets.


All Core m processors have 2 CPU cores, 4 MB of shared L3 cache, Audio DSP, and HD 515 graphics, clocked at 300 MHz.

Now these processors are of course much more likely to show up in the full-sized Surface first, but with Windows Mobile and Windows desktop nearly the same OS already I suspect it will not be long before even our phones run the latest Intel processors.

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