Intelligent chatbots are coming to Cortana and Bing

Microsoft today announced that the company is adding some new channels to its Bot Framework. At the day 1 keynote of Build 2017, Microsoft revealed that bots built with Bot Framework are coming to Cortana, Bing, and Skype for Business. What this essentially means is that users will be able to interact with chatbots to do some pretty cool things like being able to track an order, order a pizza, or find tickets for a movie night.

Microsoft is also integrating its payment request API into the Bot Framework which is another major new addition. The API will allow developers to built-in a seamless shopping experience into their bots. For instance, if you are using the Domino’s Pizza bot, the bot can use Microsoft’s Payment Request API to offer a simple purchase experience where it’ll already have the payment information from your Microsoft Account.

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