Intel VP teases Windows 10 PCs that fit in your purse


11, 2018

Intel demonstrated a number of dual-screen Windows 10 PCs at Computex 2018, and while they looked great, they are a bit of a distance away from the long-teased foldable smartphone/tablet depicted above.

According to Intel senior vice president of client computing, Gregory Bryant, however, this does not mean such a device is not on the way.

“You’re going to see secondary displays, you’re going to see other [ways] of interacting with that [PC] platform,” he said in an interview with CNET. “You’ll probably see foldable displays, you’ll see things that are bendable, you’ll see things that fit in your purse. One of the most obvious things you’ll see is things that just don’t look like the traditional or legacy PC.”

Of course, Bryant may be talking about the Intel Pocket PC they also showed off at Computex, but I suspect that is not exactly the paradigm shift that will make Intel PCs popular again.

Given that Dell is also supposedly working on an ARM-based folding smartphone/PC we may see, after waiting years, multiple versions of the mythical device arrive at the same time.

Via WindowsLatest

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