Intel teases next Surface Book with 8th gen processor


21, 2017

In an Intel sizzle video showing off the new Intel 8th generation processors, Intel also appeared to show off a device which looked very much like a Surface Book, albeit one which was clad in black.

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Chances are, that this is a marketing render using a popular PC to illustrate potential chassis designs. Microsoft is also unlikely to prematurely reveal a device in a sizzle video from a partner, but we’re finding it hard to resist the idea of a black Surface Book,

Microsoft’s Surfaces haven’t been black since the Surface Pro 2 so many years ago. However, as the color black is making a resurgence in consumer tech with the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S8 sporting nice new jet black chassis. Microsoft is rumoured to be launching its new Surface Book around October, and Intel’s Ice Lake would be the perfect chip to build the most powerful portable Surface around.  The support for a 4K screen and the improved battery life would be icing on the cake, and Microsoft would also have a chance to show off the improved reliability of the Surface line.

Would you like to see a black Surface Book? Let us know in the comments below.

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