Intel: Touch-based Ultrabooks With Windows 8 Coming Next Year


15, 2011

We all know Intel is “all in” about bringing Ultrabooks to mainstream. They even announced the Ultrabook fund of $300 million to bring down the cost of Ultrabooks that would enable volume shipments. At an Intel conference yesterday, CEO Paul Otellini said that Touch based Ultrabooks based on Windows 8 will be a main focus for Intel next year.

“To do that, we have to get touch to a lower cost. This is particularly important, as we move to the launch of Windows 8. The iPad and the iPhone have made touch a paradigm,” he said.

Windows 8 in 2012 will usher in touch-based “ultrabooks,” as Intel calls the form factor. “Starting with Windows 8, you have a mainstream operating system incorporating touch. Our view is that in the ultrabook lines, touch is a pretty critical enabler. When users see that new Windows interface, they’re going to want to touch it. If the screen does nothing, you have disappointed [the] consumer,” Otellini said.

Hope we see them in our store shelves soon ! !

Read more on this at CNET.

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