Intel to try again with foldable laptops in 2022


5, 2022

Author Surur // in CES, Events, News

Intel has been trying to bring foldable laptops to the market since 2019, but has been disappointed by poor OS support by Microsoft.

It seems Intel plans to try once again in 2022, with the company including foldable laptops in their new Evo specification for 2022.

The slide shows that the design options for OEMs are essentially the same – the concept delivers a big screen in a small form factor, but still offers a kickstand and magnetically attached wireless hardware keyboard which covers the lower screen and which changes the device into a conventional clamshell.

The laptops will be powered by Intel’s EVO-certified platform, which includes the latest 12th Gen SoC, WIFI 6E, Background noise suppression, and more.

At this point, it is not clear what adaptation Microsoft will be making to Windows 11 to make it more suitable for foldable devices, but presumable the company has continued to port some of the technology from the abandoned Windows 10X to their new OS.

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