Intel shows off Intel Horseshoe Bend 17-inch folding screen laptop



Intel’s hardware push for 2020 includes not just their Athena range of long-lasting batteries, but also folding laptops, and today at CES 2020 showed off their 17.3 inch folding laptop, the Intel Horseshoe Bend prototype.

The concept delivers a big screen in a small form factor, but still offers a kickstand and magnetically attached wireless hardware keyboard which covers the lower screen and which changes the device into a 12.5-inch conventional clamshell.

The Horseshoe Bend prototype is powered by Intel’s next-generation mobile chip, Tiger Lake, which offers faster graphics and AI acceleration. The screen is OLED and pen-compatible.

“This product is the culmination of phones, tablets and PCs. It’s going to move the needle,” said Niraj Bali, senior engineering director at Intel’s Client Platform Engineering group.

“It’s obviously going to be premium when it first comes out, but I never underestimate people’s willingness to pay for cool,” said Chris Walker, general manager of Intel’s mobile PC group.

Intel expects the technology to show up in real devices by OEMs in 2021.

See CNET’s exclusive hands-on below:

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