Intel shows of Windows 8 ultrabooks at IDF

imageWhile much has been made of a split between Microsoft and Intel, the vast majority of Intel’s chips still run Windows and vice versa.

Besides showing of Chromebooks then at IDF Intel also took a minute to show ultrabooks running Windows 8. 

Intel’s Vice President Mooly Eden and Brett Carpenter from Microsoft’s Windows Ecosystem Group showed off an Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook running on Windows 8 as well as a 32nm Atom based tablet.

Ultrabooks will run on  Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor, due out in the first half of next year.  Ivy Bridge will be succeeded by the ultra-low-power Haswell processor.

Eden rounded off by saying, "What we are trying to do together is Windows 8, Microsoft’s newest operating system, and Intel’s new platform solution together provide a no compromise based user experience."

While Intel concentrated on showing Windows 8 will also run on devices without touch screens, I think they are missing a beat by not adding touch screens to their reference specification for ultrabooks.  This is especially relevant to very small notebooks, given how much closer to the screen the user’s hands would be.