Intel releases a major update for its RealSense SDK


Intel today released a pretty major update for its RealSense SDK. For those who don’t know, the Intel RealSense SDK allows users to use Windows Hello on their Windows 10 using the SR300 and F200 cameras. Here is what’s new with the latest update for the RealSense SDK:

  • Face Tracking:  Improved landmarks in angles up to ~45deg, tongue out, and head centering
  • Facial Recognition: Higher accuracy and more robust facial recognition with support for up to 20 people in database
  • Hand: Faster calibration (average time of less than 0.75 seconds) and fixed crash from calling UnsubscribeAlert during OnFiredAlert
  • Unity* Toolkit: Improved performance (FPS)
  • Blob: Better separation of close, nontouching objects, Improved closest point of stability, Improved segmentation
    • Consolidated contour and mask smoothing to one
    • Filter according to Blob area or max or min pixel count.
    • Added Segmentetion_Image_Type when mapping blobs to color stream.
    • Fixed flickering in color segmentation
  • 3DScan
    • Front facing: improved face scanning via specific texture mapping, landmark capture and output)
    • Rear facing: improved head and body scanning via specific texture mapping and scan area autoalignment
    • Improved Sample and usages
    • New: QueryBoundingBox() returns the image space extent of the visible object during scan
    • Output mesh controls (max. triangles, max. vertices)

The latest update for the RealSense SDK is, indeed, pretty impressive. The latest update is dubbed as R5, and you can get it here.