Intel today announced the next generation RealSense cameras. The new Intel RealSense SR305 is an entry-level camera half the price of last year’s version.

The SR305 is optimized for best depth at 0.2-1.5m. It uses structured and coded light to generate depth maps at 640×480 resolution. It can also function well at lower light levels down to 0 Lux, since infrared light is being projected onto the scene from the camera.

Like the more expensive versions, the Intel® RealSenseTM Depth Camera SR305 is supported with cross-platform and open-source Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2.0. Applications for the SR305 include: face analytics and tracking, scanning and mapping, scene segmentation, hand and finger tracking and augmented reality.

The sensor can be purchased at Intel here.

Via the WC