Intel: Over 50 Designs Of Hybrid Laptop/Tablet Windows PCs In The Works

HP X2 Windows 8 Convertible
Speaking at analyst conference call today, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said that OEMs have over 50 designs of hybrid Windows laptop/tablet PCs in the works that is powered by Intel’s latest Haswell processors. All these new devices does not require fans and which leads to them to be thinner and smaller than in the past.  Along with Intel, Microsoft also hopes that these 2-in-1 hybrids will begin to dominate in the overall PC market which is on decline in the past two years.

Microsoft is not completely dependent on Intel for its Windows based device processors, they have ported Windows to ARM which is now being called as Windows RT. Windows RT devices will be powered by processors from Qualcomm, Nvidia, etc,.

Source: Venture Beat