Intel launches Apollo Lake processors for entry-level PCs



Intel Apollo Lake Processor

Earlier this week, Intel officially launched their 7th Gen Core processors for PCs. Along with it, they have quietly launched Apollo Lake processors which are built for low-cost devices such as entry-level 2-in-1s and laptops. It is the successor to Braswell in the Intel’s Atom SoC family and there are 6 SKUs, 3 for desktop and 3 for mobile under the Pentium and Celeron brands.

Intel Apollo Lake Processor 1

As far as the performance is concerned, Apollo Lake processor N4200 is 30% faster than Braswell Pentium N4200 in SYSmark. N4200 is 45% faster with 3DMark Skydiver. It is worth noting that the Apollo Lake processor TDPs are higher than the Kaby Lake Y-series CPUs or previous gen Braswell CPUs.

Read more about Apollo Lake processors in detail here.

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