Intel is working on the foldable smartphone of our dreams


28, 2019

Things have been a bit quiet on the Surface Phone front recently, but foldable smartphones are clearly the trend currently, and just because Microsoft is no longer developing one does not mean their partners have given up on the idea.

Letsgodigital has uncovered an Intel patent for a foldable smartphone/tablet with an attractive tri-fold design which appears to be increasingly popular.

The patent was applied for in mid-2017 and shows a full-bleed screen with a somewhat thicker design due to the number of folds.

The handset comes with a stylus which slots neatly into the gap in the fold, and the cameras are of course integrated into the display.

The device is best appreciated in LGD’s renders which can be seen in the gallery below:

Of course it is not clear if such a device will ever come to market, but if Intel does not do it with a Microsoft OS, we can be almost certain another OEM will eventually have a similar design on Android.

What do our readers think of the device? Let us know below.

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