Intel has advised users to stop using Remote Keyboard App due to security vulnerabilities

Intel, on Tuesday, announced that they’re discontinuing their Remote Keyboard App. The company blamed bugs as the reason to discontinue the app.

For those who don’t know, Intel announced Remote Keyboard App back in 2015 to allow users to wirelessly control Intel NUC and Intel Compute Stick single-board computers. The company recently discovered three critical bugs that led the company discontinue the app.

The bugs, when exploited, let a nearby hacker to gain access and inject keystrokes into remote keyboard sessions and also execute malicious code on the user’s Android device.

Intel has issued a Product Discontinuation notice for Intel Remote Keyboard and recommends that users of the Intel Remote Keyboard uninstall it at their earliest convenience.

– Intel

The app has already been pulled off the Google Play Store but it did have over 500,000 downloads. Did any of our readers use the app in the past? Do share your experience in the comments section below.

Source: Intel; Via: Bleeping Computer