Intel Expects Laptops With 3D Gesture Recognition Cameras Coming In 2014

In recent years, Intel was promoting perceptual computing using external camera that can be connected to laptops and desktops. At IDF, Today Kirk Skaugen from Intel announced that built-in 3D cameras will be coming to laptops and desktops some time 2nd half of 2014 and will be based on Intel’s Broadwell ships. Major OEMs like Asus and Lenovo will be shipping devices with these 3D camera built-in.

“You’ll add the ability to sense your excitement, emotion, whether you are happy or smiling. The algorithms and technologies are there, but they are getting more refined, and as they get more robust, you’ll see them,”

There are lot of potential behind this, for example you can track your children’s reading habit when using the laptop, etc,.

via: Laptopmag