Intel donates $6 million for coronavirus relief efforts


28, 2020

Author Anmol // in News

Intel is stepping up its efforts to help fight the coronavirus outbreak. Just a couple of days back, the company announced that it will be donating 1 million protective items to the healthcare workers.

Now, Intel has announced that the company will be donating another $6 million to help out with relief efforts. This includes $4 million to support coronavirus relief efforts in communities where the company has a significant presence. The company will offer special match opportunity to the full-time and part-time employee and U.S. retiree to a total of $2 million for relief efforts around major Intel sites.

The Intel Foundation is committed to improving lives around the world and supporting communities during global crises and natural disasters.

The $4 million will be donated to communities and organizations focused on food security, shelter, medical equipment and small-business support. The matching donations will go to strategic organizations unique to each major Intel site. These organizations have been identified by the company beforehand. The donation areas in the U.S. include Arizona, California, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon and Texas. Internationally, donation areas include Costa Rica, India, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico and Vietnam.

Intel is not the only company that’s working towards curbing the spread of coronavirus. Recently, Microsoft announced that its global supply chain team has secured much-needed supplies which included protective gear, thermometers and more. Apple and Facebook, on the other hand, have donated millions of masks to the healthcare workers in the US and Europe while RazerTesla and SpaceX converted their manufacturing assembly lines to produce surgical masks and ventilators respectively.

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