Intel announced new 10th Gen Comet Lake Intel Core processors for laptops last year. The company, however, didn’t say much about Comet Lake’s desktop counterpart and when they are going to be released. Rumor has it that Intel will release nearly a dozen new Comet Lake Intel Core CPUs for the desktop at CES, which is all set to take place in Las Vegas, US.

The good news is you don’t need to hold your breath for that long to see the specs of Intel’s upcoming Comet Lake CPUs. Thanks to leaked slides from Informática Cero and Videocardz, we now know quite a lot about upcoming Comet Lake desktop CPUs. You can take a rundown of the SKUs below(PCgamer).

  • Core i9-10900K—10C/20T, 3.7GHz to 5.2GHz (4.9GHz/5.3GHz velocity), 125W TDP
  • Core i9-10900—10C/20T, 2.8GHz to 5.1GHZ (4.6GHz/5.1GHz velocity), 65W TDP
  • Core i7-10700K—8C/16T, 3.8GHz to 5.1GHz, 125W TDP
  • Core i7-10700—8C/16T, 2.9GHz to 4.8GHz, 65W TDP
  • Core i5-10600K—6C/12T, 4.1GHz to 4.8GHz, 125W TDP
  • Core i5-10600—6C/12T, 3.3GHz to 4.8GHz, 65W TDP
  • Core i5-10500—6C/12T, 3.1GHz to 4.5GHz, 65W TDP
  • Core i5-10400—6C/12T, 2.9GHz to 4.3GHz, 65W TDP
  • Core i3-10320—4C/8T, 3.8GHz to 4.6GHz, 65W TDP
  • Core i3-10300—4C/8T, 3.7GHz to 4.4GHz, 65W TDP
  • Core i3-10100—4C/8T, 3.6GHz to 4.3GHz, 65W TDP

“What’s also interesting here is the liberal use of Hyper Threading. All of the leaked Comet Lake CPUs show support for Hyper Threading, including the four Core i5 and three Core i3 models. This would add some value to the lower end parts,” PCgamer reported.

However, since this isn’t coming from the horse’s mouth, the leaked specs might be different from the original specs. So it’s better to take the leaked specs with a pinch of salt.

Unlike Ice Lake 10th gen processors, Comet Lake processors are built on the 14nm process. And that also means that AMD is ahead of Intel when it comes to the sizes.