Intel announces next-generation RealSense Camera 400 Series


16, 2016


At IDF 2016, Intel announced the next generation RealSense Camera 400 Series. This updated camera offers improved accuracy with more than double the number of 3D points captured per second and more than double the operating range compared with the previous generation. The best part about RealSense Camera 400 Series is its size and it is the thinnest RealSense system to-date which will enable OEMs to integrate it into various devices without major design considerations.

Intel also announced Intel Euclid Developer Kit that integrates sense, compute, and connect capabilities in an all-in-one candy bar size form-factor. Equipped with a RealSense camera, an Intel Atom processor, and wireless connectivity, the kit comes pre-installed with a developer-friendly utility application. This plug-and-play platform gives developers the ability to quickly and easily create variety of applications with RealSense.

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