Intel announces first ever Core i9 processor for laptops

Intel today announced the first ever Core i9 processor for laptops. Intel’s new 8th Gen Intel Core i9, i7 and i5 processors for laptops are based on the Coffee Lake platform. They are manufactured using 14nm++ process technology delivering 41 percent more graphics performance during games.

The new 8th Gen Intel Core i9-8950HK processor is the highest-performance laptop processor Intel has ever built.

It comes with six cores, 12 threads and a turbo frequency of up to 4.8 GHz. It also comes fully unlocked and features the new Intel Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB), which automatically increases clock frequency up to 200 MHz if the processor temperature is low enough and turbo power budget is available.
This new 8th Gen Intel Core mobile processor family also comes with a new Intel 300 Series Chipset which supports Gigabit Wi-Fi.

Intel also announced that Intel Optane memory is available for both 8th Gen Intel Core mobile and desktop platforms. Additionally, Intel has announced a new Data Drive Acceleration feature that delivers a boost to a large secondary HDD data drive. To differentiate the processors that support Optane memory, Intel is announcing new Intel Core i5+, i7+ and i9+ branding. If you notice stickers with this branding on PCs, it indicates that the device has the combination of Intel Core performance with the acceleration of Intel Optane memory.

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