Intel admits it will take 2 years to catch up to its processor competitors


5, 2020

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Speaking to investors at the Morgan Stanley conference yesterday, Intel CFO George Davis admitted Intel has fallen behind competitors, and that it will take at least two years to catch up.

While Intel is still struggling with 10nm fabrication, competitor TSMC is already on 7nm and working towards 5 nm.

Davis said this discrepancy will mean the 10nm generation of processors will not be as productive to Intel as previous generation jumps were.

“As we said back at our analyst day in May of 19: Look, this isn’t just going to be the best node that Intel has ever had. It’s going to be less productive than 14nm, less productive than 22nm, but we’re excited about the improvements that we’re seeing and we expect to start the 7nm period with a much better profile of performance over that starting at the end of 2021.”

Intel aims to address their performance deficiency with platform-level improvements instead, which includes tight hardware integration on the AI and software fronts.

Intel hopes to catch up with TSMC by the end of 2021, but that company is not standing still and expects to be on 3nm structures by the end of 2022.

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