Instant Indie Collection Vol. 4 lands on the Xbox One, bundles more indie hits


17, 2017

Curve Digital publishes plenty of excellent indie titles for the Xbox One, and they regularly bundle them up in a series called the Instant Indie Collection. Each volume of the Instant Indie Collection contains three different indie titles, and now the fourth one has arrived. The third appeared back in September and bundled up 10 Second Ninja X, Action Henk, and Stikbold with a pretty decent discount.

Vol. 4 is a great deal, containing Dear Esther: Landmark Edition, Hue, and The Flame in the Flood for just $29.99. When taking a look at the prices of each individual game, buying all three together in the bundle saves you $14.98- that’s the price of buying Hue on its own.

Dear Esther is a first-person adventure game, officially released for the PC on Valve’s Source engine back in 2012, although it started life as a mod back in 2008. The Landmark Edition re-release brings it to Unity, featuring some graphical enhancements that became capable because of the switch.

Hue is a puzzle platformer built around changing the background color of the world. Its art style helps it stand out with artwork that almost looks like it’s made with a marker.

The Flame in the Flood describes itself as a “wilderness survival game”, and stars a young girl and her dog as they explore the untamed remnants of a post-societal America. It’s a randomly generated roguelike, and death is permanent.

You can find links to the bundle – and the games included – below.

Have you played any of the games in Instant Indie Collection Vol. 4? What did you think of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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