Installing apps just got a bit cooler in Mango (video)

In the above video we have some of the Howard Forums crew playing with the Asus prototype handset, and clearly not paying much attention to the Mango presentation happening in front of them.  While it is rather amusing to see them dismiss brand new features as things Windows Phone 7 already has, I did notice at least one new feature I have not seen before.

At the 11:30 to 12:05 minute mark we see them installing the Howard Forums app, and unlike before where one is normally left waiting inside marketplace for the app to be installed, in Mango now one is kicked out to the program list and can graphically see the progress directly there.  With this user experience I think it is also more clear that one does not actually have to wait for the app to be installed, and it is easier to know where to find the app or start it up immediately after install.

Do our readers notice any other new, as yet unnoticed features in the video? Let us know below.

Thanks Fyre for the tip.